How many mobile top-ups are migrants sending home every year

How many mobile top-ups are migrants sending home every year?



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Nowadays, who doesn’t have a friend or family member who lives in another country?

I think everybody can relate to this situation. If not, it’s just a matter of time before you hear someone close to you say: “I’m going to do a course in another country” or “I’m looking for a job overseas” or simply “I’m just going to try my luck out there… I need to improve my life quaily”.

The truth is that a large number of people today live in a different country from where they were born. To get a clear picture of it, in 2017 the number of migrants reached up to 250 million according to the United Nations and it is a rising number.

So, the big question is: is there a way to improve communication with people we love cross-border?

Let’s walk through it.



Number of mobile Top-up sends worldwide

An estimated $625 billion (USD) was sent by migrants to their home countries, and the amount of mobile international top-ups reached $4.3 billion (USD) in 2018, according to GSMA (trade association of mobile operators). All these transactions intended to help families take care of their basic needs which are:

  • Communication.
  • Groceries.
  • Household maintenance.
  • Bill payment.

Knowing this information, it comes as an obvious conclusion that the #1 need for the majority of immigrants is being in touch with families on a regular (or even daily) basis. But oddly enough, there are still big problems left to solve. The main one is the complexity and lack of information still missing on the process of sending mobile recharge overseas.

How can this still be happening in a fully-tech-advanced world?

Connecting families worldwide via an international mobile top-up

Without a doubt, Fintech developments have offered many ways to address the communication and money-send problem, but yet there is still some pain points left to tackle.
The biggest problems regarding international online transactions are:

  • Fraud.
  • Deficient data security.
  • Overcomplicated payment systems.
  • Low technical integration platforms with businesses.

Indeed all of these issues lead businesses to time waste and sometimes the result is not as expected.

The solution? A simple and easy international mobile top-up API.

Mobile TaaS to simplify communication cross-border

Reloadly addresses these global challenges and it offers a solution that changes the way a business can integrate mobile top-ups into its platforms.

Our TaaS is the first mobile Top-up as a system made for developers. We ease the over-technical steps required in traditional systems and simplified them in an open cloud API, giving developers a line of code ready to integrate within minutes.

Faster services that make a difference in people’ lives

Once the API is integrated, you can send cross-border mobile airtime in a faster and reliable way. Free of unnecessary rates too.

All those friends and families living in foreigners countries can send digital goods to their families back home pretty much instantly. Therefore, sending load to the Philippines, Cuba, and Ghana, for instance, is not going to be a headache anymore. Why?

  1. No contracts needed
    Forget about bank transactions, contracts, or waiting for a reliable Internet connection of the recipient to accept credit.
  2. Save precious time
    You can get an instant mobile top-up and send it right away. The recipient will receive it within minutes.
  3. The efficiency of modern technology
    The recipient only requires a working phone number to receive credit.

Mobile top-up API to stay connected with your loved ones

Reloadly makes it possible to be in touch with friends and family around the world.

Create your free developer account with Reloadly and get your API key today to start building.

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